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Site management

How do I manage my web site from where I live"?

Probably the easiest way to manage your site is to firstly establish a cheap connection with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your local area. Be sure to check that your ISP has FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and that you are issued with an email address.

Once you have established an account with us, you will be able to begin uploading your site via your local Internet connection using FTP software.

If you establish a virtual domain with us (i.e.,http://www.yourname.com/), your uploaded web site would typically have email addresses throughout it (e.g., webmaster@yourname.com, info@yourname.com, sales@yourname.com,. 

A client visiting your page sends a message to any of these email addresses, and the email forwarding that you set up from your control panel sends the message through to your "real" email address. Depending on the virtual domain plan which you are using, you can establish multiple forwarding to send email through to different addresses. For instance,

webmaster@yourdomainname.com --------> george@localISP.com.yourcountry
sales@yourdomainname.com --------> anne@localISP.com.yourcountry

If you establish a non-virtual domain (i.e., http://www.starcomone.com/yourname/), you will be allocated one email address (i.e., yourname@starcomone.com), and will be able to set up email forwarding from your allocated address to your local email address. 

For further information on this topic, check our FAQ page.